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Zoning Ordinance

This Ordinance is based on the Rutland Charter Township Comprehensive Plan and is intended and designed to regulate land development, to provide for the establishment of districts in the Township which regulate the use of land and structures, and to accomplish all of the following: to promote public health, safety and welfare; to ensure that the use of land shall be situated in appropriate locations and relationships; to limit the inappropriate overcrowding of land and congestion of population, transportation, and other public facilities; to facilitate adequate and efficient provision for transportation systems, sewage disposal, water, energy, education, recreation and other public service and facility requirements; to encourage the use of lands and natural resources in the Township in accordance with their character and adaptability; to limit the improper use of land; to provide for the orderly development of the Township; and to reduce hazards to life and property. Use our Zoning Ordinance Search page to find specific items.


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