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Rutland Charter Township Cemetery - 4600 Upton Road

Cemetery Sexton


Cemetery Hours

The Cemetery is open to the public from Dawn to Dusk

Cemetery Lot Fee Schedule


  • $50.00 per lot for the first two (2) lots
  • $100.00 per lot for all lots over two (2)
  • $50.00 per lot for all deceased dependent children

Non- Resident

  • $350.00 per lot

There is a maximum of six (6) burial spaces per household allowed. Purchases of spaces in excess of six (6) per household shall be reviewed upon a petition of the purchaser to the Township Board at a regularly scheduled Township Board Meeting.

All unused cemetery spaces must be returned to the Township. No private sale of cemetery lots is allowed.

All cemetery lots can be purchased at the Rutland Charter Township Hall in the Clerk's office. Office hours are Monday- Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

For more detailed information there are pamphlets in the office or see the Cemetery Ordinance below:



This page last updated on 6/11/2020.

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Cemetery Brochure



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