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Building Permit Fee Schedule

Zoning Compliance Application

Residential Building Permit

Accessory Building Permit

Demolition Permit

Electrical Permit Application

Commercial Building Permit

Commercial Demolition Permit

Commercial Sign Building Permit

Zoning Compliance Sign Application



  • Building, Zoning & Electrical Application pickup and drop off will be at the Township Building/Zoning Department, Tuesday - Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm.
  • BUILDING INSPECTION REQUEST, please call Associated Government Services (A.G.S.)  269-629-0600  Ext. 1
  • When requesting an inspection, please leave the jurisdiction "Rutland Township", your permit number, the type of inspection requested (for example footings, foundation, rough-in, etc.).  How the inspector will gain access (locked or unlocked), your name, site address, and a phone number so they can reach you if necessary.
  • Please be aware, a building permit cannot be issued until all other approvals have been received.  Example of other approvals are:  zoning, driveway, health department, soil erosion and DEQ for wetlands if applicable.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued until all the zoning requirements/conditions have been met and approved by the Zoning Administrator.
  • For general questions about building requirements, please call 269-629-0600 or 800-627-2801.

Before building, the following permits may be required.

  • Zoning Compliance Permits from the Zoning Administrator. 
  • Building and Electrical Permits from the Township Office.
  • Plumbing and Mechanical Permits from Professional Code Inspections (PCI) 110 W. Center St., Suite A, Hastings, MI 49058.  Office: 269-948-4088  pcimi.com
  • Soil & Erosion Permits from Barry County Planning/Zoning (required for a planned earth change which disturbs 2 or more acres or any excavation within 500 feet of a lake, stream or designated wetland).  Office: 269-945-1290 barrycounty.org
  • Well and Septic Permits from the Barry-Eaton Health Department (required for issuance of a dwelling permit) 330 W. Woodlawn Ave., Hastings, MI 49058.         Office:  269-945-9516  barryeatonhealth.com

Did you know.... you need a Zoning Compliance and/or Building Permit for all sheds, storage buildings, fencing, structural remodeling, decks, additions, etc., and swimming pools over 24" also needs a Zoning Compliance Permit.

This page last updated on 7/14/2021.

Vickey Argo Building/Zoning Assistant

Permit Application drop off and pickup

Office Hours:  

Tuesday -Thursday

10:00am - 2:00pm

Office:  269-948-2194 Ext. 19

Email:  building@rutlandtownship.org


Electrical Inspector

Michael Huffman

Phone (269)623-5474




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