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Ordinance #2018-165

An Ordinance to amend the Zoning Map

of Rutland Charter Township as incorporated

into Chapter 220 (Zoning).

Notice of Ordinance Adoption

Ordinance #2018-164

Great Lakes Energy Cooperative Electric Franchise Ordinance

NOTICE of Ordinance Adoption

Ordinance #2018-163

New Chapter 100 of the Rutland Charter
Township Code - Dangerous Buildings Ordinance

Ordinance #2017-162

Zoning Text Amendments

Chapter 220 (Zoning)


















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Welcome to Rutland Charter Township!

2461 Heath Road, Hastings, MI 49058

  Office:  269-948-2194   Fax:  269-948-4180

Email - rutland@core.com


  Property taxes/taxpayer information

 Assessing information

 Building permit information


The following pages provide access to basic property, permit and tax information.  The Assessed Value, Taxable Value and Principal Residence Exemption information are accurate as of the date of transfer to the website. Other property data is subject to change as more current information is obtained.  Permit information is accurate as of the date of transfer to the web site. Due to constant refinement by the Township, this data is provided for reference only and WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or inferred.


FOIA Request for Public Records

Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.231, et seq.

 FOIA Request Form

FOIA Procedures & Guidelines

FOIA Cost Itemization Form




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